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The State if Shippuden.

Discussion in 'The Anime Lounge' started by Kore., Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Kore.

    Kore. The Gardening Samurai.

    Aug 23, 2007
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    Melbourne, Australia.
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    I've been watching Naruto since I discovered it back in 04/05 - I've loved it all (except the eon of fillers) and now that Shippuden has rolled around. I was very, very excited to get back into Naruto. Shippuden has been great but for the past perhaps 8-9 episodes (and a special!) it's seriously been the same episode the whole time.

    Kakashi and Naruto chasing down one Akatsuki member while Grandma and Sakura face off against Sarutobi. It's pretty undeniable. Sakura and Grandma get backed into a corner, then they recover and back Sarutobi into a corner, back and forth, back and forth. Even worse is the Kakashi/Naruto combo of just jumping on logs. :\

    Now theres been some cool stuff in amongst it all (and some shockingly bad animation) i.e getting a good insight into how Sakura has gone from useless liability to a medical ninja power house but really... they don't have to spend this long on this part of the story - they could abridge it a tiny bit. Oh well - heres hoping tommorows episode gets us somewhere.
  2. Dzapper

    Dzapper Akatsuki Assassin

    Sep 3, 2007
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    Morehouse College
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    I have been getting tired of Naruto and Kakashi just chasing down Deidara, I mean how many damn logs are there is that canyon! But it has been far from the same episode each time, it has been great. The Sakura/Elder Chiyo vs. Sasori (not Sarutobi, Sarutobi was the name of the fourth Hokage lol) battle has been a great intellectual battle. And it was great how it ended. Just keep watching it is the best show ever made in my opinion.
  3. Monsteroids

    Monsteroids Psychedelic Snail

    Jan 19, 2007
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    BC, Canada
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    ....I just read the manga! Suigestu is sweeeet!

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