23 years to life sentenced to 'Halo Killer' Daniel Petric


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Feb 7, 2007
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I know this has no similarities to the Wii (well guess it could like manhunt 2, i could see some murders break out sooner or later.)

Halo Killer - Image 1"Halo Killer" Daniel Petric was found guilty of shooting his parents, in the event killing his 43-year-old mother, back in September 2007 for keeping him from playing Halo 3, and was sentenced to serve 23 years in prison. Judge James Burge of Lorain County, Ohia set down the ruling yesterday, despite the insanity plea put forth by the defense.

Daniel's lawyer, James Kersey, was reported to have argued that it was because of his video game addiction which led him to plan the shooting of his parents that fateful eve.

"The playing of the video games and the reality of shooting somebody in his case was blinded; it was merged. He had no thoughts during this process. During this time, he was blinded that his parents might be dead; that they might never come back."

While the judge did not find the defense's evidence sufficient to rule in favor of the insanity plea, he did agree that Petric does suffer from a "serious defect of the mind" and that his videogame addiction played a crucial role in his committed crime.

This Court's opinion is that we don't know enough about these video games. In this particular case, not so much the violence of the game because I believe in the Halo 3, what it amounts to is a contest to see who can shoot the most aliens who attack.

It's my firm belief that after a while the same physiological responses occur that occur in the ingestion of some drugs. And I believe that an addiction to these games can do the same thing. The dopamine surge, the stimulation of the nucleus accumbens - the same as an addiction. Such that when you stop, your brain won't stand for it.

The other dangerous thing about these games, in my opinion, is that when these changes occur, they occur in an environment that is delusional. Because you can shoot these aliens, and they're there again the next day. You have to shoot them again. And I firmly believe that Daniel Petric had no idea, at the time he hatched this plot, that if he killed his parents, they would be dead forever.

Petric's father, the surviving victim of the shooting, were there to support his son all throughout, pleading with the judge for some leniency considering that he was only 16 when the crime was committed. This plea was acknowledged by the judge and so Daniel would be eligible for parole by 2032 instead of serving for life.

heres the link http://wii.qj.net/23-years-to-life-sentenced-to-Halo-Killer-Daniel-Petric/pg/49/aid/132229

last year or sometime there was 2 people who killed this 7 year old from playing Mortal Kombat.

Two teenagers believed to be imitating the Mortal Kombat video game have been arrested and charged in the death of a 7-year- old Johnstown girl - a sister of one of the suspects.

Lamar Roberts, 17, of Westminster, and Heather Trujillo, 16, of Johnstown, were being held on $100,000 bail each at the Weld County Jail on Wednesday.

They were arrested Tuesday night after charges formally were filed that day by the Weld County District Attorney's Office.

Each faces one count of child abuse resulting in death, a Class 2 felony. If convicted, the sentence can range from 16 to 48 years.

Roberts and Trujillo are being charged as adults. They are scheduled to make their first appearance in court Friday.

The teens were baby-sitting Trujillo's sister, Zoe Garcia, on Dec. 6 while the sisters' mother was at work.

They began wrestling and enacting a game of Mortal Kombat, court affidavits say. Zoe lost consciousness after being hit, kicked and body-slammed to the floor.

The documents say Trujillo told police she was on top of her sister "holding her arms down with her legs while tapping on her chest like a typewriter when the victim passed out." Roberts was not wrestling but was acting "as the referee," the affidavits say.

Trujillo said she sent Zoe to bed after she regained consciousness. When she checked on her about 15 minutes later, she was not breathing. Trujillo and Roberts tried to revive the girl in the shower and attempted CPR before calling the mother and then 911.

In an interview later at police headquarters, Trujillo said she tripped Zoe, "punched her in the stomach, karate chopped her lower arms, punched and pinched the victim's thighs, kicked her in the shins, slapped her stomach and buttocks and poked at the victim's chest."

A witness quoted in an affidavit said Roberts told her he had kicked the girl and that his hands were "lethal weapons."

The witness said Roberts performed a back kick and the girl didn't get up. He said he and Trujillo "cracked an egg in her mouth . . . in an attempt to see if she was messing around with them" by faking unconsciousness.

The witness said she asked Roberts whether Zoe had asked them to stop. "Yeah, she told me to stop," he said. Asked why he didn't stop, he said, "I don't know; I was drunk."

Zoe was not breathing when police arrived. She died at North Colorado Medical Center.

The Greeley Tribune contributed to this report.

Violent video games have been around almost as long as video games themselves.

Video games such as Mortal Kom bat, Doom and Grand Theft Auto, which allow players to act out brutal violence, have sparked a heated debate regarding their effects on children.

In the case of teens Heather Maria Trujillo, 16, and Lamar Roberts, 17, they may have acted out the violence, hitting and kicking Heather's 7-year-old sister, Zoe Garcia, last week in a game they called Mortal Kombat.

In 2000, the American Psychological Association released a report that specifically cited Mortal Kombat as a video game that can increase a person's aggressive thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Mortal Kombat is a video game, created by Midway, that allows players to choose a character and fight to the death using a variety of moves and weapons. Since the game's inception in 1991, there has been opposition to the animated violence and blood.

The report, published in the APA Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, stated violent video games may be more harmful than violent TV and movies because they are interactive, engrossing and require the player to identify with the aggressor.

heres the link to that story http://www.rockymountainnews.com/news/2007/dec/20/teens-held-girls-mortal-kombat-death/

Guess some people don't know the difference between real violence.
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Some people are narrow-minded dumb asses. I don't see how it's possible to get THAT addicted to a game.
i agree.
hopefully soeone doesnt die because of boom blox.
though you would have to be creative to do that.
maybe making a boom blox stage outta cardboard boxes and jumping at it only to fall out the window after impact?
Sounds like there disgusting human beings who should never have been left on there own in the first place,I have played computer games since 1988 and i wouldn't hurt anyone/anything unless absolutely life threatening.

Using computer games as an excuse sickens me,people are people - some nice/some not so nice.
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Some people are narrow-minded dumb asses. I don't see how it's possible to get THAT addicted to a game.

A little after GTA for ps1 came out i saw a commercial where this stupid kid well

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — A lawsuit claims the video game "Grand Theft Auto (search)" led a teenager to shoot two police officers and a dispatcher to death in 2003, mirroring violent acts depicted in the popular game.

The suit announced Tuesday seeks damages from the game's manufacturers and two stores that allegedly sold it to Devin Thompson (search), now 18.

An attorney for relatives of two of the victims said Thompson, who is charged with murder, had played the video game repeatedly.

Thompson is accused of killing the three men in June 2003 after being brought to the Fayette police station on suspicion of driving a stolen car. Thompson allegedly grabbed one of the officer's guns, shot him and the other two, then fled in a patrol car.

The suit alleges Thompson purchased "Grand Theft Auto III" at the Gamestop (search) in Jasper and "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" at the Jasper Wal-Mart when he was under 17. The games, which depict police killings and other acts of violence, are rated M, meaning they are appropriate for those 17 or older.

Playboy Releases First Video Game Video Game Gets Too Real War Games: Play Fighting or History Lesson? Some See Real Danger in Computer Games Soldiers Relax With Video Games Illinois Gov. Wants Video-Game Ban Mixed Report on Violence in Video Games "What has happened in Alabama is that four companies participated in the training of Devin ... to kill three men," attorney Jack Thompson told The Tuscaloosa News, which reported the suit's filing.

Named in the suit are Wal-Mart Stores (search) and Gamestop along with Take-Two Interactive Software, the manufacturer of the games, and Sony Computer Entertainment, the maker of the PlayStation 2.

Messages left for officials of three of the companies were not immediately returned. There was no answer at the listing for Gamestop in Grapevine, Texas.

At a December hearing, authorities said Devin Thompson, when he was apprehended, told officers, "Life is a video game. You've got to die sometime."

heres the link http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,147722,00.html

Lawyers claim Grand Theft Auto led Cody Posey to kill his father, stepmother, stepsister in 2004; Sony, Take-Two, Rockstar named in suit.

Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto franchise is once again the target of lawyers in a high-profile murder case. Attorneys in the trial of convicted killer Cody Posey have named Sony Computer Entertainment America, Take-Two Interactive, and Rockstar as responsible for a triple homicide that took place in New Mexico in 2004, according to news outlets in the state.

The court found Posey, then 14 years old, guilty of murdering his father, stepmother, and stepsister with a gun. Posey allegedly snapped after years of physical and mental abuse at the hands of his father. A judge convicted him of first-degree murder in February.

Lawyers today said Posey would not have committed the murders if he hadn't played the "murder-simulation device" Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Circling the courthouse is Miami attorney and antigame crusader Jack Thompson, who has descended upon New Mexico and is aiding the lawyers in the suit.

heres the link http://www.gamespot.com/news/6158619.html?sid=6158619&page=5

When the first GTA game came out I was watching a commercial about this stupid 15 or 16 yr old where he killed a woman in the game then killed in real life just to see what murder felt like. I hate how some morons don't know the diff between real violence and video game violence, I mean "shooter games" can relieve stress, anger, frustration. MK can relieve that also and with most of thee killing game especially GTA, Godfather, Scarface, Manhunt (1 & 2) the list goes on and on, people need to be smarter than this bull sh** dang
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i agree.
hopefully soeone doesnt die because of boom blox.
though you would have to be creative to do that.
maybe making a boom blox stage outta cardboard boxes and jumping at it only to fall out the window after impact?

or maybe animal crossing :lol:
these kind of people give a bad reputation to the games industry. i really dont know what goes through there heads.
I heard about these when they happened....And it makes sense. Guess some 360 fanboys get really addicted.....shoot their parents and kill their little sister....
not only do parents need to know what games their kids are playing but video games and movies arent responsible for ones actions. knowing the difference between a game and real life isnt a question of intelligence but rather a question of sanity. but who am i to question the sanity of some1 who would kill their own family members. not to question why he had access to a gun in the first place should be mentioned in the first article. and a drunk 17 year old wrestling a 7 year old sounds like a stupid idea, and to blame video games is moronic.
I hate when people try to sue video game companies and walmart etc. because somebody killed some one. All they did was make the video game, they didn't intend for douche bags to play the games and then go kill some one. And if a teenager goes and does something like this and they want to blame the video games, you have to blame the parents to for letting them play it in the first place.