45 min's to ride over hyrule!

Jun 5, 2006
oops... forgot
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this is sick news ! do u think this is to believe? cause u guys say it takes long time to sail in wind waker! lol ...
her we go:

IGN have uncovered more details on the upcoming Wii-iteration of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, due for release on the same day as the Wii.

According to their sources, a trip across Hyrule on horse back will allegedly take the user around 45 minutes in real-time - an effort previously unseen in any Zelda game before. Additionally, the Wii version will included an exclusive 16:9 mode not seen in the Gamecube version.

article originally from wii blog.

ride 45 min's over this:




amazing... source: HERE
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I think this wouldn't be too bad, if travelling from one end to the other. What i think would be a good idea is to have small villages dotted around; where you could save. Each village could have a shop and a minigame, and would offer people a 'way out' so they could save and exit without ending up back at the starting end of the field. Also, if the horseback fights happened quite often, and other things could be done while riding, it may be quite good.
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i guess u will have to ride through villages and over mountens and through caves. and ofcourse u will be able to just play a song to get to the places;)
u will maby get sick of all the riding after half an hour :p
I got nothing to say except that this is even more awesome news for Twilight Princess
Ya. What I hope for is really cool things to see. For example, riding across a feild gets boring, but if you get to ride past a tall waterfall and along the narrow edge of a cliff... that would be fun! I think you should also be able to set up a tent and cook some stuff on a spit! That would be fun. It would really feel like an adventure. And if there were different roads you could take and the only way through some mountains were via a couple of passes or tunnels. And if your horse had to stop and drink. Which brings me to another point... do you think your horse is called Epona? This is so cool, especially if its true. I cant wait to finally, fully feel like Im going on some grand adventure!

O ya, what Im generally saying is that if it is great to look at and sometimes you have to go slow just so you can see it a little longer it'll be great. Also I hope they make use of such a big world. I mean... you need to make sure you know where that waterfall is otherwise you will be looking for a long time. Ya...