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Jul 3, 2006
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This thread is all about talking about one thing anime,first to start with for us Naruto fans, who would win in a fight the cursed sauskae, or Naruto in Kyubi form?
how far into the anime are you (eps 192)
i dont watch much anime (except for the DB series but that was when i was younger) but i watch naruto when its on toonami so i never see the eps in order. however i would say cursed sauskae because ive never seen naruto in kyubi form but have seen asuskae in cursed form and it was awsome lol
wait untill he goes to level two theres a fight bettwin him and naruto going allmost full 9 tales thats all i can say
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I would say cursed sausaku I mean the photo in ssbb lover signarutre thats the full curse its a pretty even match though, Naruto did hold back his power, sasukae did not
wait untill the time skip naruto gets beter (2 tailed red chakra)
I think Kyuubi Naruto would win because he's so powerful, so wut is Bleach?

I'm sry, this is mega time spoilers. not really, it's just a really good fight between kyuubi naruto and sasuke) I was just searching around and found this. It's awsome! I think that's linkin' park in the backround, not sure.
This one cant stand linkin park
orable shouty crap
Bleach is about 15 year old Kurosaki Ichigo. Ichigo can see spirits, as can his sisters, but to a lesser degree. One night, a Shinigami, or Death God, basically a grim reaper walk through his wall. To Kuchiki Rukia's amazement, Ichigo can see her. Eventually a hollow, which is a ghost that has not yet past on and has lost what it meant to be human, attacks. Rukia is wounded, and is forced to transfer her power to Ichigo, who drains her of it, and kills the hollow. The first couple of episodes are about their adventures stopping hollows and helping ghosts pass on.
Sounds cool...

So u'r pretty far on in the series darkprinny? Did anyone else watch the video and like it?