Do you think the 4th Hakage is Naruto's father?


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Jul 3, 2006
For all the Naruto fans on this website, do you thing that the 4th Hokage (the one who sealed the nine-tailed demon fox in baby Naruto) is Naruto's father?
I think he is because they look alike:


It has been said in the anime that the 4th Hokage and Naruto have the same upbeat personality.

The 4th Hokage wouldn't just seal the kyuubi in a random baby, it had to be someone close to him like his son or something.

And I think there is a move that only Naruto and the 4th Hokage can do. I think its the move when they summon the giant bull frog.:aureola: :ciappa:
Well as there is No absolute Answer, and it wont come till after the 3 year skip, Im referring to the Anime right now, and the Manga hasnt revealed anything yet either except that Rasengan was Created by the 4th but he didnt finish the Technique and later in the Manga*SPOILER ALERT* Naruto completes that Technique it could be possible that they are Father and Son, but they do not look anything like eachother except the throat and the hair colour xD
well first of all summoning the giant bull frog is jiraiya's summoning technique he taught to Naruto, and secondly, i think that the 4th hokage IS the father! this would go good on the Maury show, if anyone knows what i mean lmao (i hardly watch it)

EDIT: Sasuke, i knew that already u fool:hand: took him 3 years to master the technique (Yondaime the 4th Hokage)
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Turk as you most prolly dont know it was Yondaime(4th Hokage) who taught the Summoning technique to Jiraya and Rasengan aswell and Jiraya(Sp?) was Yondaime's Teacher so Ha in your face! :p
I think it'll be revealed that they're father and son. Really it would only make sense. Why would the 4th trust the Nine Tails' power with anything other than his kin?
Do you mean the pervert hermit
the one that teachies him the resangan then takes him away for nearly three years