Ban the user above you!

Banned for discouraging the usage of lingual techniques of which are above the heads of imbeciles, and therefore promoting stupidity.
Banned for insulting your wholly superior overlord.

I'm not at all surprised our bans have eventually become nothin' but insults towards each other, Tamps. :lol: Cheeky bugger.

from the internet
Banned for tryin' to use Captain Falcon for your sinister 'n horrid ambitions which have no justice nor manliness involved.

You will be PAWNCH!ed in seven days. Mark my words.
Banned for reminding me of my disgusting, un-'Karpworthy mortality. Damn all of ya's, I'll transcend this unholy shell 'n pass through the dragon gate one day... With Magikarp as my shepherd, I swear it!