Bush=world dominator

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Aug 17, 2006
you may not noticed yet but:

at 9/11 there were 4 airplanes:
2 wtc
1 white house
1 pentagon

wtc they crashed in above they didnt use real knives they used plastic knives
then if the airplanes crashes into wtc top the building will NOT colapse bush hired ppl to put explosive into both wtc and blew up the building next door
but where is the black box?only one is found

the white house plane crashed they shot it with rockets
but where is the black box??

now pentagon:
they didnt found a black box because there WAS NO PLANE it was a rocket
they say it went up in smoke i say **** U a nose and the eniges of a airplane are made of titanium and can hold more then 160 degreas

they found the pasport of the so could terrorits clean all just printit

this was a reason for bush to begin a war in afganisthan,iraq and now its irans turn

then bush almost was ex=president he feard worst CIA OR FBI got the voice of bin laden and are using it so bush stays at top ppl in america think bush=bin laden catcher PEEEUP bin laden is dead

bin laden was trained by the CIA and was a very good friend of the bush family

bin laden was operaterd in 2001 in a american hospital somewhere in asia

why doenst fox and other channels send out 9/11 movie
because theye are part of the new order that bush is bussy with


i want bush:sick:
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