Call of Duty: World at War || UK Players


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Feb 6, 2009
Hey im Dan. My friendcode is 5327-4739-3497.
Im from England and i wanna hook up with a few active COD british players.

Please PM me ith you friendcode and il see you on the battlefield. :yikes:

yo the name is weedhead i like top face u heres my code name: ICK*Wedance
Level: 32
FC:3266 0328 3712
i'm not from the UK or nothing but i wanted to stop and say i was playin with wedance for a bit. saw him in a random game.
Name: Stg. Collie
code: 3394-7344-4547

Yeah I play from Scotland and I'm pretty good at the game but not like some people with about 40 odd Kill streak

Edit: I've already added you Dan
everyone add me im from the UK im Second Prestige level 18 PM me if you add me :D
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Hey! sorry i aint added you guys yet. its the first time iv been on this furum for a while.

Il add you all next time im on.

If you wanna join my clan your all welcome.

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