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May 1, 2009
So i have tiger woods 09 and so does a friend of mine. he bought the game first so i already had a profile on his console. when i bought the game i copied that data onto the SD card and then onto my concole. now that we have been playing on mine, i wanted to copy my profile from my console onto my sd card and then onto his console becasue my profile sucks on his console and much better on mine. when i go to put the profile back on his console it wont let me saying it already exisits. is there anyway to get around this? please let me know if you have any ideas or any other ways to go about copying it that might work. thanks adam
basically there is already a save file on the wii for that game. it wont let you overwrite it. you have to delete it. this save file does contain both your save file and his save file. deleting it will get rid of both on his wii

Wii Options
Data Management
Save Data
find Tiger Woods 09
click on it with the "A" button
click on the "Erase" button

then copy your save file from the SD card onto your friends wii

note: this will permanently erase your friends save file. if you have to, back it up onto another SD card. this does not work with all games.
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i figured i could do it that way but was just wondering if there was anyway of putting it on there without deleting his data cuz deleting his stuff wont be ok. Thanks Anyway

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