Cursed Mountain, August 25th


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Aug 2, 2009
^Cursed Mountain Trailer.

Looking to buy a gift for a cousin. He hates wii games and would rather have and xbox360. Is this a game that would get him to change his tune? His mother won't be buying a xbxo360 anytime soon, so he is stuck with what they have. The mom wanted a family system.
What kind of game does he like on 360?

This looks like a good one but it won't be for everyone.
Oh great, this game it's on my list!!

One of the best Surival Horror games to date on the Wii!!

Talk to your cousin and tell him, "This game is far better than any other one on the xbox360, if any surival horror game is there".
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He likes anything that is not "family oriented". LOL I know he played the Bourne game at a friends and liked it. He defiantly likes action and adventure.