Do you watch TV more or go on the computer?

Computer derrrrr....I can watch TV on my computer, or go on youtube and watch even better stuff. :p
Computer, I don't really watch TV anymore, last good station that interest me was the AZN Network.. but it got taken off the air because it didn't have enough viewers (had 14 million viewers i think).
seeing as I don't have cable or satellite...
I usually watch TV whilst I'm on the computer. So neither, or both.
Computer, definitely.
My TV viewing is at a peak right now though, all of my stupid reality shows are on!
You dont need cable

My TV has mostly been used for games

So id have to say that my puter gets more action
Probably about the same. I prefer TV series over movies, so I do a lot of TV watching. Plus, I'm never really stay on the computer for all that long, I just stay logged on all day and check back periodically.
I rarely watch TV anymore, mostly adultswim.

Too many channels play the same shows nowadays...
Definitely my computer gets more use throughout the day. I only watch TV at night time before bed, or when Lost is on.