EVERYONES' Final Smash- Spoiler

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ok guys, really, if u have seen it before, u dont have to post <_<

@tails: np
this is great! god that guy in the background is so damn annoying
Nice video! Hadn't seen some of those before. DK's Final Smash was the lamest one though, I thought:sick:
.........i post a video like that in the Official Smash Bro. video thread........

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old and this vid is in the stickied thread(specifically for videos such as this) in this sub-forum

however i want these fsas to pop up on the dojo so i can read about them and why each character does that specific attack
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not on there, for some reason, but at least his is on the Dojo. ill post his later
:eek: Well i saw Ike's and it looks like Link has a new rival, But Meta knights was a bit dissapointing.. it wasnt any awesome circle tornado FinalSmash But either way he's got one, But damn the girls in the back ground were annoying x-x..