Farewell..... Again

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Lord Haku

I have returned
Jul 3, 2006
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This time I mean it sorry guys but I decided that it will be better if I devote more time to sauske forum. Plus the oppostion basiacll the ps3 has changed my mind on the wii. Will I still buy it? Of course just want the ps3 more than the wii. Well sorry to be leaving again but I am gone see me on sauske forum and the ps3 forums bye bye guys :sad:
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aww weak! cmon seriously what makes you want the ps3 besides the rpgs, killzone 2, and vengence!? and cmon i cant stay on these forums with taht cool video you have (ive watched it enough i can sing along)

way to rub it in with the smiley mooning us
oh oh, way to change it, anyways who is that cool looking guy whos in all white and pulls out a sword, about 1 minute into the video, HE/SHE IS COOL!
wait i know just how to make him stay! u do know that for the Wii, several new Naruto games r coming out, right? RPG games of Naruto and the fightiing game that can prolly b played online! THINK ABOUT IT, SSBB ONLINE! dont u wanna play Twilight Princess? or Metroid? how about Super Mario Galaxy? now im not saying not to buy the PS3, since i love PS3 as well, but dont leave the forum, u know? its a nice place to chat and communicate, dont u think?
this one will be geting a ps3 (when theres a sharp price drop and some good games out for it)
aye, I support u Lord Haku, just wait for a price drop, and if u dont have a ps2 get ps2 games thats a large reason why im getting a ps3. Gamecube just killed the nintendo thing for me and im not going to attempt another nintendo thing again. The only thing that looks cool for the wii atm is SSBB........besides twilight princes is going to be playable on the gamecube from what i hear unless that has changed, in which case il live withought another zelda game, they have been getting repetetive =p
But who will write Haku gaming? Haku gaming is the metaphorical backbone of the site. Well maybe not the backbone but a vital organ at least. The spleen perhaps.
cya..... again
I'm not saying anything about you buying a PS3
And dont forget to do

(on offence I think its funny)
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