Forecast Channel Problem


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Sep 23, 2006
Melb, Aus
Hi guys, im having problems with the forecast channel.

The shop channel and net surfing works fine and so did the forecast channel when i first used it, but now when i click on the channel it says
"Unable to obtain the latest forecast update. choose start."

So i click start anyway and it starts loading but then it stops and says
"There is a problem with the Wii System Memory. You cannot use WiiConnect24. Return to the Wii Menu and follow the on-screen instructions." then under this i click the button that says "Back to the Wii Menu" When i get back to the menu it doesnt have any instructions or anything.

i have made sure that i allow wiiconnect24 to be used, double checked everything, but i still get this problem.

any help would be appreciated guys.

thanx in advance

Dec 17, 2006
UK, Bristol
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Don't bump your thread, thats gay.

Anywho, it was doing the same to me yesterday twice, but I just tried it later in the day ad it worked.

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