Full Metal Alchemist

Lord Haku

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Jul 3, 2006
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One of the greatest anime in my mind :D I had it all cool fights a engaging sotry I still have not finished it but I am always impressed by it. This is truly anime that maybe short but it makes up for it with some tear jerking moments and aderline packed assion
yah this show is just amazing, its not to cheesy, its not to much corny punchlines, its not all about fighting, its not all about becoming the #1, its soo great
sh#t, adult swim is thinking of cancelling fullmetal alchemist? dammit, thats one of the greatest animes ever!! I especially like the dark plot twists, and them making fun of the woman being attacked by thugs in the forest cliche.

btw the movie comes out in english on the 12th!!!!! i cant wait!!
Mario Famous said:
It's an ok anime, it could have more fights in it.

i do think that it needs a few more fights. i mean, there r some, but not enough. i like the ones between ed and envy (tae kwon do vs. muy thai kicks ass!)