GC games on Wii???

ssbb_lover said:
lol, i know most ppl could sell it for $40...but I'm not most ppl....jk i could probably sell for $50, plus even if i could only sell it for $40 it's not like I don't have $10
P.S. I mow lawns....and earn lots'o'cash!:lol:

Exactly. Why trade it in for $40 when you can sell it to a friend for $50 and you both get a good deal.
I'd rather keep mine, them when I'm like 450 years old, I'll have the total collection of consoles, and make millions. [lol] That's actually not a bad idea though, my parents would never go for it though. Their just like that.
well i will sell mines to my sister she will buy my gamecube for $50 and the games for $20 dollers and i have all mario games so i might have enough to even but me another wii cause she also want each controller for $10 dollars and i have four of them i might can by the whole wii launch title
I could sell mine to my friend, and he could buy my games, but I won't sell all of my controllers, because I still want to play Super Smash Bros Brawl
Smart. (that's what I was planning on doing, who would sell their gc controllers when you're going to buy a wii anyway?)
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im giving my old one to my little bros. and keeping custody of the games, to be rented out to them lol
Andy_rox_69 said:
are the wii games in the form of mini discs liek the gc games?
No. Wii disks are as big as CDs even though it's the same port for GC games.
Fierce Deity said:
or a mac :D

YAY! MacBook and iMac!

All my friends always freak out when they see my slot-loading PowerBook G4 suck up a CD.

Now, with Wii and, later that lame PS-We-Copied-Wii console, with these type of disc drives, my laptop won't seem so special:(

...but that's OK because I'll have Wii and at that point, I'll cease to care:D
it kind of makes me wonder what would happen if you didnt put your gamecube disk in the wii on the side of the slot instead of the middle.