GC games on Wii???


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Jul 2, 2006
One of the main things i liked about the Nintendo DS the most was its ability to not only play DS games, but that Game boy advance games were compatible with the DS. This idea made myself ask the question: "will Gamecube games be compatible on a Wii??" I would be very thankful for anyone who can help me out on this one. thnx heaps ;)
Yes, the Wii has some Gamecube ports and memory cards and also somewhere to put your game cube games. But u can't play with the Wii-mote
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SWEET! lol i couldnt imagine playing wind waker with a wii controller anyway :s

thanx for the reply
Actrually I think the port for the Wii discs is the same as the port for the gamecube discs.
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are the wii games in the form of mini discs liek the gc games?
I like the idea of the wii being backwards compatible a bit like what sony did with PS2 but better as playstation 1 games were **** lol
well i seen the disc they will be like the ps2 kind and also the wii don t have a disc tray it will be like a car you have to put it in the little cd thang
& what's even better is that since the wii can play gc games i can sell my gamecube and the money from that can go towards wii games since I believe i've driven my parents crazy to get me that thing for my birthday(nov.)
lol, i know most ppl could sell it for $40...but I'm not most ppl....jk i could probably sell for $50, plus even if i could only sell it for $40 it's not like I don't have $10
P.S. I mow lawns....and earn lots'o'cash!:lol:
Yeah but a Gamecube with a couple of old games will come up to around £100 then you could save up money to buy one