Greetings human-dirt-monkies....

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Jul 18, 2006
and I mean that in the most respectful of respectfulness!

Hello, I guess I should have done this first....but I actually just joined this forum to respond to the Bleach thread....mmm....Bleach.....but I have since been sucked into the warm fuzzy feeling that the community, and the Wii create inside. So, without further delay, GREETINGS!!!
greetings fellow zim lover. i hope your mission here will be pleasant and it would be nice of you not to try and take over this forum...:D
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I was the turkey all along! Actually, I do enjoy turkey sammaches, lol

I'm not too fond of waffles in the usual form, but eggos rock my socks off. Same goes for, clown taquitos.... :p
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Hello :D
ands don't worry about not have done this first, I never did...
I really should've gotten round to that by now..
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