Happy Easter :D


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Apr 11, 2009
Happy easter everyone! :D

What have you all got planned for Easter. I'm having a yummy easter lunch with my mates.

Hope you all have a great day :)
It's my birthday on Thursday, and because it's a bank holiday tomorrow I'm going out tonight to celebrate with my mates and I'm going to get absolutely t***ted. Can't wait.

I'm also playing footy in the day, then having a little BBQ, then going the pub then town.
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Don't really celebrate it, but Happy Easter to all who do.

Last day of spring break isn't something I like to celebrate. D=
Don't celebrate Easter, and I despise Easter Eggs.

So I'm off to a dog show today. Happy.
Yes lets celbrate the rebith of someone by eating chocolate

Just been to Church, and my Grandparents are coming in a minute.
And the place of worship I tend to work for every now and then was broken into on the Friday night
Just had some boiled eggs.
I usually just get my parents to buy me a shirt or something instead of wasting money on stupid chocolate eggs.
Happy Easter.

I got back from Church about half an hour ago, and in a few hours, my family and my grandparents are going out to eat. Can't wait, I'm starving.

... Lolwut?

Happy Easter to all! :D I personally don't celebrate it, so I'll just mope at home while my friends go celebrate. Just another day to relax, really. Screw candy. :p
I usually celebrate it, but not this year. I gurss you could say I celebrated it last night.