Hehe, Wii signature for all of us!


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I hope that link works...

Anyway.. Its custom to fit homicidal_gamer's userbar.. Because i use the same one on a different site.. So here it is.. Minus my name! :D

BTW, I know its not a work of art.. And compaired to others.. It sucks.. And if i had more time i would put more than 5 minutes into it


For all you that need the code ;)
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Wishale said:
Uhh, Sure you can see more work.. But i have yet to find the PM button for these forums :p

My current signature is made by me.. I brushed it out..
Its cool and :lol: go up to Private Messages at the top.. incase u didnt kno PM = Private Message :lol: :D
Coolness it's very impressive even tho it's so simple (Im kinda good at GFX but my photoshop is busted so all i have is the sigs on my Photobucket)
if you were in a SOTW you prolly come 3rd and up maybe :p