i pledge myself


Poe Hunter
Jan 25, 2009
california more specific pico rivera
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to a teacher who can help me train with the following characters:

-captain falcon

i would like to hope you have either some type of instant messaging or texting so that you can literally tell me what i am doing right and(or) wrong.
thank you a lot, i particularly hope ck, bio and sho will help out here.
I know this little island with a pink house where you can get all the training you need :lol:
What's this? Could it be...? A DBZ referrence?! CK did not expect this to happen. [/sarcasm]

I'd be happy to help you out with Wolf, Jon. I'm not much of a teacher, but I'll certainly help in any way I can.

Perhaps General can help you out with Ike? Even though he completely failed in our match, I know he's got a good Ike, I could tell; just from that single string of attacks he landed.

Once Storm gets Brawl, his Ganondorf is supposed to be wicked, so I wouldn't doubt he could help you there.

... No idea for Craptain Failcon.
I can help you with your Capn'.

I shall help you perfect... The Knee!!!

But forget about IM. You best just PM me about it.
That's not funny, Bodine. Don't taunt Jon like that, we know you havn't picked up Brawl in months. :p ... And I doubt you ever will again, no?
I'm the Hercule of Capn' Falcon, CK.

Like yesterday my friend, like yesterday.

And if you think my refernces are too much CK, check out the anime thread
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ha ha well i accept you as my wolf and ike teacher ck, hmm not sure bout bodine because idon't know him.
ill brawl you if you really wanna help :]

thanks so far :"]
Oh I gotta Brawl? Er... I think I'm loosing my internet conecction, sorry buddy I'll talk to ya when I get it fixed I promise.
What? ... Ike teacher? ... ... ... My Ike isn't very good. >.>;;;

Shall we just stick to Wolf? <.<;
i could do ike and give you tips after the match.

and i have a friend thats over constantly so if he wants, he can help with Falcon.

and i gave him a call(hes out of town for the weekend) and he says sure cause he loves killing with pink falcon.