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Jun 22, 2007
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I was just wondering how great the Ipod Touch was in your opinion. Actually tell me why instead of just saying it's awesome. I know that has been posted before, but there is another part.

Question two is about how much does a movie, or TV show take up on an Ipod? (GB) Because I was looking into getting an Ipod Touch and I want to make sure it's the right choice with only 8-16 GB.
I wouldn't get it for space, if I was you.

If I were to get it, I would get it soley because it's an iPod and the hippest thing.

But if I had $299 to fork over, I'd get a 160GB Archos 504. Tastey.

And if I had 100 more bucks, I'd get the 160GB Archos 605 wifi. Tastier!
The iPod touch is great I got it the day it was released and I'm using it right now , the Internet is great on it , and the screen is very big. Very bright screen , the touch key bord is very nice , and Question 2 it all depends on how long the movie\show is .
Yeah, I'm gonna wait until their are 30 gigs on the Touch (Hopefully by next Christmas) before I even consider picking one up.
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Anyone want to guess roughly how much an average movie takes up? I have no idea!!

Thanks for the impressions though.
Yeah, a movie is about 1gb.
I have the 16gb model. I went from having a 30gb video iPod to the 16gb Touch and the decrease in space is unnoticable. I discovered I didn't need every single mp3 in the universe on my music player, and all was good after that.
Also, once you hack your iPod Touch, it becomes a PDA, NES gaming console, and so much more, in addition to being an wifi iPod.
It's the best thing evarrrr.
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Ok I'm hoping to get one of these, as I trust Apple, and it sounds cool...