Lets work out the missing characters from Mario Strikers Charged


Apr 30, 2006
Only 4 characters where available for selection at the Germany conference this week, the other 8 were shaded out.

Lets see if we can work out the characters anyway though from their silhouette.

I've numbered them to make it easier to list, here's some i think are right.

3. Wario
4. Diddy Kong
5. Luigi?
6. Bowser Jnr
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hmm im thinking Pikachu could be No.7
I was thinkin that.. but he's gotta sort of.. point below his arm... :confused: No. 2's really annoying me.. coz im sure I recognize it..

Edit: I can't see the Diddy Kong in no. 4.. Looks more like Yoshi IMO :D

Second Edit: No. 8... ness? Dunno who he is jus from SSB.. but might be him?
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Yeah... No. 7 Does Look Like Pikachu... But Not LIkely... No. 4 Reminds Me Of Yoshi WIth A Mohawk! :lol:
Yah .7 has to be pikachu, because hes to small in comparison size to just do a head pic, + this

and hes skinnier in the gmae because hes more sporty looking like all of the characters
I dont think that pikachu will be in it cause hes never in those mario games (as in those games specifically which have mario in them) i mean look at all the mario sports games, mario strikers, mario baseball, mario tennis and mario golf. None of them have pikachu. Anyway, i reckon that 1 is waluigi
1. Waluigi
and yeah, 3 is Yoshi, not Diddy.
7. Pichu??!?!??!??!?! Not likely but thats what it look like to me :X
2 and 8 scares me :(
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remember stikers is being made by a second party unlike all of the other sports games(excluding basketball which ofcourse is being developed by square enix) so they can pretty much choose whatever characters they want to put in it