LIFE: Ain't it Great!?

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Lewi XxTxX

Jul 13, 2009
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-Had my Indian before and I ****ing demolished it. Getting a bit peckish for dessert I think.
-Just watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as well. I need to watch them all.
-As soon as the Sky is free I'll be watching tonight's Top Gear. Another twenty minutes probably.
-Ridiculously tired.

Originally Posted by Foxy
****, Lew. I was speaking that Albainian I told you about (I think) yesterday and he used to work in Laganas for 10 years, he left because the **** hit the fan and it got messy like when he was going home they'd be people all over the roads laying there and drugs and the like were getting big in the clubs, basically he warned me only get bottled drinks there and hold it at all times because everything is getting either watered or spiked by anyone and everyone.

You recovered yet?

Hell, I'll be going to Laganas next year if I go back to Zante if this lad I know comes but still =/
Yeah I'm good, I didn't get spiked like but yeah a lot of the drinks were watered down. It isn't too bad now for drugs and everything, in fact, we didn't see any of it. Apparently it's the looky-looky men who deal the drugs. There were a few spikings that I heard of, but then a few happens everywhere to be fair. Nice one on possibly going next year, you should, it's boss!

-Just got up.
-Need breakfast.
-'Work' in a couple of hours.
-What to do after?

Originally Posted by Napalmbrain
Because you've always seemed rather laddish.
Lol, I watch and enjoy films of all types!

Where the hell did you find the money for three holidays in a year?
Well Turkey is with the family, so costs to me are at a minimum. And then just savings I guess!

Originally Posted by Foxy
The rents go to dusseldorf with friends in like 2 weeks D=
Party time baby.

Lmfao I wish you recorded it. That could potentially be one of the funniest pieces of footage in the history of time.

-Just got in. Went to my nan's on the way home and ate my Subway there.
-Dash poob tonight. Aka the pub. Seeing all the boys from school, can't wait.
-Getting hungry again.
-**** need to go in the shower soon.
What the fuck is this ****? I feel violated.
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What are you talking about? It's only the greatest **** ever.

I compiled a couple of your posts from the Thinking thread and put them here. Nice, huh?

Plus, I kinda sorta wanna be you. <3
Nah it's not me, some bell-end is dicking around.
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Don't be silly old chap, I'm your alter-ego. By tomorrow's time today, you won't remember any of this.

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