Make Risk-Takers Pay?


Dec 15, 2006
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
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"Thrill-seekers hoping to surf the most difficult ocean wave, to bushwhack through treacherous back-country terrain or to catch the biggest ice-water fish sometimes take unnecessary risks, disregarding weather forecasts or warning signs. If they need to be rescued, let's bill them for the cost of the rescue"

I've already said it before about people who do motorcycle attempts and have 5 ambulances waiting for them. What happens if someone else needs an ambulance for a reason that isn't their fault, and they can't get one in time?

Also, a small county in West Virginia is a thrill-seeker's paradise very popular for hang gliding and rock climbing, and the people who live there have to pay for the helicopter rescue fees that people from out of state need when they get stuck. It costs about $4000 per rescue.

As it stands now, those risk-takers don't need to pay for rescues, should that change?