Metroid Prime 3 Controls:


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Jul 21, 2006
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Note:This came from the Nintendo Power from the UK.


Looks like it will take time to be able to pick up and play this game then! :lol:
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Ha, that pic is so totally photoshoped and it's sort of biased.

It was obviously made by some Nintendo fanboy who wanted to show that the default Metroid style seen at E3 (you move the crosshair sort of within a box and then when you get to the edge of this box with the crosshair, it automatically makes your view turn) is better than what some people want (including me; just to see which is best) which is like an FPS is played on a PC, in which the crosshair is always centered and you just move the mouse, or in this case the wiimote, to turn and look at the same time.
I agree totally with NateTheGreat, is photoshoped, thats the way he thinks about the game.... anyway the convention is VERY near... so just wait and see :cool:
Also wouldn't Expert Mode be the hardest and Normal mode be the easiest, another huge hint that this is fake.
Wouldn't it make more sense for the invisible box thing, if you point inside it you aim and if you point outside of it you move your view?