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Aug 7, 2006
Ok, i am a gamer and a casual anime fan. anyway, 1 of my favorite animes (probably my favorite, besides fullmetal alchemist) is Naruto. now, im pretty sure nothing has been confirmed about a Wii naruto game. anyway I was wondering if any1 heard anything about a wii or gamecube naruto game, because i no the ps2 has one or 2. ill be back on later, but i g2g 4 now. please reply and tell me anything u know. thank u

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thanks, the gc game probably means that there will be a naruto game for the wii. I hope they make a third person adventure, with the option of multiplayer battles. anyway keep posting here!

btw i like the foamy picture

There is one Naruto game being released in England in September for the Gamecube because Jetix is showing the Anime Show right now
the naruto game for GC is awesome, i dont like naruto that much, i dont like anime that much, and i dont like fighting games much at all (except for DBZ budakai) but the naruto game for GC is amazing!!! i love all the moves and style of it, its truly awesome, except for rigged naruto demon
Its some weird tihng, you select naruto while holding buttons i think then in game hes Demon Naruto and he has red stuff all around him, my friend said you unlock him in the game then your able to use him
oh i know that, i was just explaining to you the char, ive watched like 3 episodes, one where naruto tries to teach this kid the art of sexy justo? or something where you can transform into someone, second was when they were tied up to poles then 2 of them got down and got food but they werent allowed to give it to naruto but they did, third one was the story about the nine tailed fox spirit inside naruto...this one and the sexy justo one might be the same episode though,..i dont know but i get to annoyed of his voice and how he says:BELIEVE IT!