next big game to look out for after conduit


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Jun 25, 2009
NO MORE HEROES 2:yesnod:

crazy crazy game....anyone knows the release date for this game???
Oh, I was thinking Red Steel 2. Now that game looks awesome. And so does Monster Hunter 3, but nobody seems to really know about it.
Monster Hunter 3, Red Steel 2, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, FFCC: The Crystal Bearers
Maybe Cursed Mountain

Believe it or not I would even put Wii Sports Resort on this list!

The Grinder, No More Heroes 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Legend Of Zelda Wii for more or less far future releases
Next BIG game after The Conudit would probably half to be Red Steel 2. The game looks amazing; gameplay looks absolutely superb from what videos I've seen.

However, the next game I'll be purchasing for Wii is Wii Sports Resort.
After playing the first Red Steel and not really liking it, I won't be getting Red Steel 2
Anything on COD6 for Wii? or is that another lost hope?
I'm really anxious to hear word of another Legend of Zelda title. Super Mario Galaxy 2, a StarFox title, and another Crystal Chronicles game are among others. Man, Echoes of Time really sucked. :(
To be honest I want new titles to be online - many of the new titles that come out don't have any online play or anything (N)
Well, don't expect much. It's rare that Wii games feature decent online play, most of the time it's just a little slap-on that they put in to take up menu space. But I do agree with you, they should bring out some fresh online material to the console, I just doubt it'll happen.
they should bring out some fresh online material to the console, I just doubt it'll happen.

For real dude. I want to have an online system similar to the Xbox 360.

The Conduit is exactly what you're looking for. Ignore the single player the multiplayer is worth it.

As for what I'm looking forward to its surprising nobody here has mentioned Little King's Story. That's definitely my next buy. Wii Sports Resort I'm iffy on.

After that probably Monster Hunter 3 and Red Steel 2 or No More Heroes (depending on reviews for the last two).

and a zelda wouldnt be a bad thing either, but online play with metroid would be beastly
All the old franchises are great, but I kind of want to see something brand new. I want a game on the Wii that has a similar impact to Halo on the Xbox.
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