Nintendo 64 Onlne Play Full Guide!!!


Jul 25, 2006
Ok i am going to tell all of you how to play online her its goes

use this link to guide you through some setups.

Use this link to download Nintendo 64 roms. onlt get the file that has this U[!] for example supersmashbros U[!]

here is the link

ok this is how the online gaming works. you make a S/N then click on the [waiting games] tabs find a project 64 room then when you join the room there are other rooms at the bottom of the window. there are waiting games and playing games only join waiting games. u must have the game that the host has to join the room. when in the room the host can kick you and you can go back to that room only a different room. you can also host click on the create a game and look for your game. to make sure your control works you must set players 2, 3, and 4 to the same game pad or keyborad you are using. also you must turn the controls on. when i online make a name and click on the [waiting games] tab. there you must find the project64 emulator and the region you wan to go to. i got to new york just because its english. make sure it is a project64 room and make sure your in the right state. when you join a room the host chooses when he/she wants start.

My S/N is G-Unot!!! happy gaming!! :) If there are questions post them here.
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one person has tryied it and it is fun another person is trying right now
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Arcadium can play online now!! this nintendo 64 online WOORKS!!
i played agaist him and he beat me we both has one life left. and i fell:tard:
lol soo it really works just fallow the guide above!!!

My Username is G-Unot Looking for a good match?
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i play on the new york server always play on the Emularena Grounds {Unit X}
new york
I tried but I cant remember how to play the original game :p Bit laggy and bit buggy graphics, not quite for me.