Nintendo throttles Your Connection for Brawl


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Apr 12, 2009
This actually pertains to frequent disconnects however because of all the lag complaints ( I am the biggest complainer) alot of SSBB players don't realize what the cause is. Yes bad connections but Nintendo slows your connection (God I pay $$$$$ for Cable 12Mbps just for gaming) to match the slowest player. That sucks but here is an excerpt from the support forums.

Error 80430 - Unstable Network Connection

Try anything listed on the page to see if it'll help you keep your connection on NWFC while playing Brawl. If you already did all of that or don't want to (like your internet setup is fine for example):

Nintendo's SSBB Support Page

Other than trying the troubleshooting tips on this page, there's not really much you can do about Brawl's terrible online.

Because of the frantic, unpredictability of brawls, SSBB has to slow down all players to the speed of the one who has the worst internet connection. This means severe lag and frequent disconnections even if you have a great or perfect internet connection. Also what kind of online play you wish to do can also weigh on people's internet connections.
With Friends: You play p2p (peer to peer), but speed is dependent on the one with the terrible internet connection.With Anyone: You play on Nintendo's servers against people from all over the world. So in addition to the one with the terrible internet factor, the amount of traffic on Nintendo's servers can also weigh on your game play speed.

If you find you can't get any relief in your online play even if you have a great/perfect internet connection, then you may be out of luck and are going to have to invite local friends in your town/city over to your house for multiplayer play.
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