Official Graphics Comments & Criticism

Naw i go to some other site too, I used to go to PR, but then i realized that the critique they give doesn't help.
Yeah, PR really isn't good at all. Unless you can find someone specifically, teaching yourself is the best way to go imo.

Thanks, rawr. :) Found some stocks I really want to Photoshop yesterday, ugghh. I hate not having it.

It's my first ever attempt at non-spriting graphics ever. For what it's worth, I think it's okay for my first ever piece, especially because I don't have a very good graphics program (I made this with a combination of Nero Photosnap, MSPaint, and MSExcel).

However, it is really dark. Like, to the point that it's probably a pretty big problem. It's also very basic, and I could have chosen a much better font for the text.

Even so, C and C would be appreciated.
You know, you could always download it the other way. :scared: But then again....
Well, I tried and failed. Not doing it again.
Not bad for your first ever, not at all; if you lighten it up. My monitor can't even barely pick up anything except that there's green and some text in there. Is that a Bulba?

It's clean, which is how you should start off as a beginner and get progressively more complex from there, but lighten that thang up up a considerable amount.
Really nice to see this thread active again, good times.

Rawr, get yo' ass on X360Chat too >:U
Made this in about 10 minutes (a little less) since I finally got Photoshop back:


The background behind the guy is blending with his face to skewer depth on purpose.

Made another tag too, but I'm still cleaning it up.
Yo. Jorge's back.

I'mma try to get back to the whole graphics bizz again.
Demon, you still got that animal piece you drew? Man that was amazing

Also, 5 min tag -