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Mar 3, 2009
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Hey, I'm doing a research project on Mortimer Adler's 102 Great Ideas (I chose Desire). I need a picture of something to do with wings and the sun. Like the desire for everything... reaching for the sun. The wings symbolize the wings of desire which blooms from humanity.

I just need a picture(s)... a link is fine.

I need it by today (I'm pulling an all-nighter), so I'm hoping it works.


You need something made for you, or do you just need pics of wings and the sun?
If the latter, why not just search google?

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I did, but I couldn't find anything that worked. Those are good, but I need the thing to be trying to reach the sun. Also, it can't have the copyright in it. I like the one of the fire woman, but I'm afraid it's too provocative for my class.
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Okay, I'll use it. I found this picture and I think it might be nice.

Tell me what you think about it (it has to do with Desire (lust, life, power, etc.)). If I use this photo I'm going to see if I can find 4 (3 if I can use your fire woman) other photos and center it in it (making a square).

Edit: ROB64... wow that's such a great picture!!!
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Double post, but this is a very important assignment (25% of grade... I don't do it I fail = don't graduate (Max grade... even with 100's all 4 9 weeks would be a D. It's an AP class and you need at least a C to pass, so I wouldn't graduate).

Okay, this is what I have so far:

I know it's uneven and sloppy, but I'm just doing a rough draft to see how I want to position the pictures. I need two more pictures, but I only have an idea for one.

The next picture I'm going to find is one with a hand trying to grasp something (symbolizing power). I need an idea for the next picture (have lust, getting power, and have the poetic... need another type)... control, knowledge, etc.