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Jul 8, 2006
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I just noticed...Pit in SSBB, like link, is left handed. just an observation. in the picture v hes pulling back his bow string with his left hand. interesting:)


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ssbb_lover said:
This isn't going to make a good thread ^>^'
i didnt think it would. just noticing. thats why its in the lounge.

Pit is probably ambidextrose (spelling?) because his bow turns into two swords. hes going to be fun!:D
Lol, ur making observations all over the place!

Btw the correct spelling is ambidextrous, almost got it;) .
well i think in acheary your main hand holds the bow and the other holds the string
no...your main hand holds the string, while your weak hand holds the bow...if it was like you said the release would not be as powerful when you pull the string with your weak hand...unless you are ambidextrous
He is right-handed, if u take a boww (ive done it) u will shot with the left hand, and take it with the right, cause the max force is in the right, ( at least it happened to me
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i pull the string back with my right hand and im right handed. and in the zelda games, link pulls his back with his left hand and he's left handed.
I'm left handed and I pull the string back with my left hand, like pit, and I learned from my grandpa, and he's a hunter and he's used a bow before and my uncles hunt mainly bow, so I think he's left handed or ambidextrious (spelling?). But I supppose you could do it the other way if it was more comfortable.
well it doesn't really supply more power its just "easier" to pull the tensioned string back wth ur stong arm