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Mar 27, 2009
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Alright alright. Platinum may be the greatest Pokemon game ever.... Why? Welll.....

-New Sprites
-More items are found
-Battle Frontier
-Battle Tower is alot funner now
-New moves
-Different moves for certain Pokemon (Like today I teamed up with Buck he had a Regirock with Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch and Drain Punch. That's impressive!!!)

Things I hate...

-I missed the Regigigas Event so how do I get the Regi's?!?!
-Harder catching Legendaries
-Pokemon League
-We have to find 210 Pokemon in the Sinnoh region.

Overall this game gets a 10/10
What do you think of Platinum?
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sorry and thanks

Sorry about that lol. I would be delighted to have a Gigas event. 1st I have to connect to wifi and get my code. I will be back in 20 minutes

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