ps3 has more then wii

lol , i know this is an unfair fight but:
364,000,000 results (revolution)
106,000,000 results (ps3)
As often as I use google fights to measure the popularity of things, I have to say that it is irrelevant in this case. If I were to say "Wii Sucks" then that would increase the Wii's popularity on a google fight, even though it is a comment against the wii. So I say that sales will count. And I gurantee this, Sony will announce the dollar amount of sales. They will say something like "We have sold over 87 million dollars worth of playstation games, consoles, and accessories this quarter" Meanwhile Nintendo will say "We have sold 7 million units this quarter in addition to 22 million games." Now Sony will probably have a higher dollar amount spent on it, but I still think Nintendo will sell more consoles - which is the real factor for popularity, the number of people playing it. Keep in mind that the average Sony customer will pay between 2 and 3 times that of a Nintendo customer to get his or her console and first round of games and accessories. And over the life of the console PS3 will have a higher cost due to more expensive games.
jaja yeah MetroiZ, I was looking at that and I got a conclusion... that doesnt even work....
Nah Wii is winning, I already knew this because I really typed in Wii and PS3, I didn't know about Google Fight until now! lol