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Just wondering if anybody here play's Runscape. If you do please state your name as well as your top skills. I would also like to know how u all raise your stats b it combat stats or non combat. last of all im interested in how u all make money and your opinion of the game in general.

Name: Kitome Son, Top Skills are (in order from highest to lowest levels):

1) Mining level 67
2)cooking level 61
3)defense level 60
4)Magic level 60
5)Smithing level 59
6)fishing level 59
7)Hit Points level 56
8)Fire Making level 53
9) Crafting level 53
10)Rune Crafting level 46
11)Prayer level 43

Those are all that show up on the high scores but my overall level is 806.
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Arcadium said:
whats runscape?

it's an idiotic wannabe mmorpg used to play it but tis pathetic, nothing against people on it, i just really don't like it, useless graphics and well too many noobs
Muonline is a very good MMORPG so I used to play it... City Of Heroes is good too
Dark Void said:
my construction level as well as all my meber only skills are 1. I dont have member and im contemplating on weather of not i want to get it.

when i was on runescape it was quite good being members i suggest you do it