Signature Request Thread

Text: CKY
Preferable colors: Dark, maybe black or silver
General style: Dark, crazy, and rocking
Can someone make me a tag with a cool looking background, Ness from Earthbound, and the name tpsy0 and my wii code .. 6410 6871 2433 2297..please anyone.
ok well i've been really busy exams and stuff so in about a week i'll be back to my usual speed
Max from (Bakuten Shoot / Beyblade) with my name of course

Size: 389x128
Background Colors: Green ( with yellow stars )
Text Color: White (Or the most noticeable color)
Secondary Text: Defense is the best offense
I might be able to help you out there Eddy, though I've been having creative trouble lately as my jobs require all left brain thinking and no right I may need to do some creative exercises first.
Photoshop CS4. That bg might be a tad hard to cut I'm definitely gonna need some creative exercises before I get started.