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Jul 24, 2006
OK, lots of people that are full of themselves in SSBM. I really doubt some of them have any skills at all. Well, watch these vids. If you didn't know most of the moves in them, you've probably wasted people's time with your "I own you all 1v1?" posts.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

There is going to be a Part Four, but it hasn't been completed yet.
Ahh yes! I've seen that vid like two months ago and its really made me aware of how complex smash is - when I thought i learnt the official 'basics' and mastered it there was more to go!. Waaaay more than any official instruction booklet ever could mention thanks to the people who put in their hard work and discovered new techniques!

In reference to the vid, I have mastered most of the 'basics' in the vid but the only ones I can't do yet as they're hard or I havent started learning them are Pivoting, DI, CC, Meteor Canceling, Reversing Aerial Neutral B, and the hardest of them all, powershielding. I have done it a couple times but it was a fluke tho. The rest I didn't mention here that are in the vid are the ones I have mastered.

Good idea mentioning it here Trickz! I must say that you are the only person I can really have a convo about SSBM here - everyone else is either too conceited or arrogant or just plain ignorant. Keep it up, we might be able to have an extra two or three other ppl here to talk with!

MetroidZ: Don't think he got his ass kicked. Think he got his ego kicked which is more painful than your ass being kicked. So I bet he's now a much better smasher as he went the hard way to learning adv techs.

For those people who are interested in downloading the video rather than seeing it on youtube or google video, here's the link (its a big file and it comes in three parts. Look for it it's not hard to find! Scroll down the forum site, within the first page.):

Cheers, Stuart

Edit* For those ppl who cannot view it after downloading it, scroll down that forum site within the first post and it will mention that you need the DivX Codec and provide a link to download it.
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woah nice video... will brawl have more combos than this or do you think they will stick with all the melee combos?
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I learned this stuff from smashboards. It was really hard, then when this vid came out it skyrocketed my skills. Reading "How To" guides was so hard, I couldn't get timing down or anything. Be glad some of you are learning the easy way.
Wow....i thought i was pretty good at that game.....guess i got lots to learn cause i didnt know any of that stuff! lol i still think im pretty decent....i cant wait for SSBB when everyones novices again! then u take ur battle to the Wifi connection and learn how sucky u really are lol
Glad to hear sum1's mature enuf to say that he is beating every1 but at the same time wants to learn adv techs so that he can become better at the game and own every1 lol. Just kidding there a bit.

I thought I was good as well! I thought that Link was best char in game and it wasn't until I played harder matches that he needed a secondary. So yeah my two mains are now Link + MArth and then Fox. Who needs top tiers? I do!
I can admit i'm confident about my game, but I don't think I could beat u(linkzeldagame)or Trickz. Linkzeldagame kind of says how good he is and Trickz has this subtle confidence about him...anyways I need to practice.