SSBM - Advanced Skills: How Good Are You?


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Apr 4, 2007
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I have spent about a week putting this thread together, so rep is greatly appreciated. It would also be nice if this thread was stickied because it would be a good way to not only learn new moves, but to see how good you are compared to the rest of WiiChat.

A while back I stumbled upon a set of three videos on YouTube that explained how to perform advanced techniques in Super Smash Brothers Melee. I found myself coming back to these videos time and time again. Each technique listed below the video is shown in that video in that order. I have given a brief ‘how to’ next to each term, but if you would like to see it performed, feel free to look it up in its corresponding video.


1. Short Hop – Press X or Y lightly to jump half as high as a normal jump.
2. Fast Fall – Press down on the Control Stick why’ll falling to fall faster.
3. L-Cancel – Press L or R as you are landing on the ground to decrease lag time.
4. SHFFL – Stands for Short Hop, Fast Fall, L-Cancel. It is the quickest possible way to perform an aerial move. The aerial move should be performed between the Short Hop and Fast Fall.
5. WaveDashing – The act of jumping and then immediately air dodging downward so that your characters slides across the ground. It is the quickest way to create space between you and your opponent why’ll still being able to attack/jump/dodge at any moment.
6. WaveLanding – Air dodging into the ground why’ll your already in the air (after a double jump, big hit, etc.). It too is used to create space between you and your opponent, but can also be a good way to catch your opponent off-guard.


7. Shield Grabbing – While shielding, press A to grab your opponent. A simple move, yet is very important.
8. Up Smash/B Out of Shield – Up Smash and Up B are the only attacks you can do directly out of a shield. It is similar to Shield Grabbing in that it give you a quick one-up on your opponent, but will take more practice.
9. WaveShielding – The process of WaveDashing directly out of a shield. This too can be used to quickly surprise your opponent.
10. Teching – Press L or R right before hitting the ground or a wall to decrease lag time. This includes ground, wall and edge teching.
11. Edge Hogging – Grabbing onto the side of a ledge so that a returning enemy cannot grab onto it.
12. Edge Hopping – While hanging on an edge, fall off the ledge and immediately jump back up. This is usually followed by an attack.
13. Edge WaveLanding – A combination of Edge Hopping and WaveLanding. Perform an Edge Hop (without an attack) and then WaveLand into the ground.


14. Dash Dancing – Changing directions extremely quickly while running. While Dash Dancing, you can do anything at any time in any direction.
15. Dash Cancelling – While running press down on the Control Stick to immediately stop, then follow up with an attack.
16. Pivot – The process of using regular (non-running) attacks while dash dancing. There is a single frame,in which the character is standing up, to perform this technique, which makes it one of the most difficult.
17. Jump Cancel Grab/Up Smash – While running, press up on the control stick and then immediately either grab or up smash your opponent. This will decrease lag time.
18. Chain Throwing – The process of throwing your opponent and re-grabbing them before they can regain their character’s control. Only certain characters can do this and it is usually easiest with either the up or down throw.
19. Directional Influence – To use your control stick to influence your characters path when sent flying. This can throw off an approaching opponent or even save your life.
20. Crouch Cancelling – The process of crouching while getting hit. If you crouch, your character is not blown away by attacks (unless at a high %) and you can therefore quickly counter-attack (commonly with a crouching attack).
21. Wall Jump – A technique that allows certain characters to jump off of walls. To perform, simply press the opposite direction when you jump into a wall.
22. Meteor Cancelling – After being hit by a meteor strike, immediately jump or use your up B attack. This will stop you from going downward too far.
23. Reversing Aerial Neutral B – Jump, then tap the opposite direction of which you were facing and then press B.
24. Powershield – Shielding on the exact same frame you get hit. If you Powershield an item or projectile, it will be reflected.

Please tell me if I made any errors.

Here comes the fun part. Ever wondered where you stacked up against the rest of WiiChat? Now you will know…kind of. Atleast this will hold us over until we get to play each other. Count up the number of advanced techniques you can do CONSISTENTLY and in your post put “(Number of Moves) Points.” Next to it, put the category that that number of points corresponds with. ONLY COUNT MOVES THAT YOU CAN DO CONSISTENTLY. This is NOT to see how lucky you are. It is to see which moves you CAN do on a regular basis, but not necessarily choose to do.

Noob: 1-5 Points
Novice: 6-10 Points
Trainee: 11-15 Points
Expert: 16-18 Points
Master: 19-20 Points
Legend: 21-23 Points
Shoko: 24 Points

If this thread is a hit then I might make another one for Brawl. Until then, hopefully this helps.

LIK: 19 Points, Master (And still training, pivoting is uber hard!)
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I'm a pro at fast falling! :lol:

I'm currently trying to learn to wavedash, but its boring as hell just trying to master it so its not going so well.

short hop, fast fall, L-cancel, shffl, wall jump, powershield.... 6 woo
i can do all of these except wave ones they really hard with my game i tried it but even my friend who can do wave dashing cant do it must be a bug i have with it

allthough i choose not to do some of them

yeah there are also techniques that i, alone like(well can't really say alone, but i've never seen/heard of anyone else doing it)

allthough i can't really see how the rating works, terms like expert and stuff

i'm pretty sure that someone who dosn't use half of these can beat someone who does all of them
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^exactly, they are guidelines. I myself only use about 3/4 of the ones I can do.
Able to do all of them, however wouldn't use them all in an actual match (like wall jump for example). Most are implemented into my gameplay, though, and am able to use if needed.
REPPED. awesome thread, i dont know about half these techniques until this thread. i just got smash bros melee about 2 months ago for my wii because i wanted an awesome multi player game. ime just trying to learn these moves now on super smash (i got the game in front of me). but so far i am an uber noob :).. il try get better before brawl comes out, i can do about 10-12 of them, but i have to learn to use them more often, directional influence is really useful.
I dont know about some of those, but I never had trouble winning. I CANNOT wait for online game play. Its the only time we can truly show our true power.