SSBM - Advanced Skills: How Good Are You?

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I know lingo :yesnod:

I'm looking forward to playing Brawl competetively, something I never got to do in Melee.
Prez said:
Well I live in Pickering. But due to the fact that I go to school, and work, in Toronto, I'm pretty much all over the place, all the time.
Refresh my memory, where is Waterloo in relation to Toronto?

about an hour south-west of toronto
Shoko claims he never lost a match in Melee? not to be disrespectful, but what if he only played..say...3 matches against his noob friends who don't play well at all? no one is that good, everyone gets beat by at least a person who is better, there's always at least one person better than you and those who are bad become good eventually.
Even people who fight n00bs can't really be guaranteed to be undefeated. As you'd think those n00bs would learn a thing or two about the game if they were constantly being beaten in it. If they can't, then they really shouldn't bother.

If this Shoko character is so good I want to see how he'd perform at a competitive tournament.
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I too am skeptical that Shoko was being truthful when he said that. Its not disrespect, its logic.

Losing matches helps you to learn. It would be incredibly difficult to learn about the game without losing.
I lost count of how many tournaments I have attended. I have been to tournaments of all sizes in multiple states. In order to compete at a decent level, you really have to know just about everything in that advanced list. You can get away without knowing powershielding (almost harder than it is worth), but everything else is a must. I would know. The path to 1st is not easy.
man, i looked at this and thought i'll kno at least half. boy was i wrong i'm gonna need to gett better at this so i can stand up to the rest of u. well thanx for posting this man. and i'm gonna train with all these moves till brawl comes out
do you think that these moves wil be in brawl? even some of the glitches, or do you think that they will get rid of these so it is easier for some ppl to play?