Submachine Guns - misfiring


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Mar 15, 2011
Anyone else have this problem? Typically in conflict, i will be trying to fire the weapon, but it seems to misfire. My finger is on the trigger, but it seems to stall and just shoot maybe 5 bullets instead of 30 in the same period.
If find it with the Vargen FH-7 and other smg's.
It is so annoying and happens nearly every game. Is this a hacking bug or something to do with the processing speed / internet connection. It does seem to happen against certain players within a game.
I've had that happen - but it usually just seems like a lag issue to me. Generally when there's a lot of explosions and what-not going on. I would assume either a connection issue on your end or a server issue on theirs.
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Thanks Brit. It doesn't fell 'laggy' though. I have had lags before when everything goes in slow motion for a couple of seconds.

At the moment everything else is running smoothly in the game, but the gun literally misfires, giving tiny bursts of bullets.
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Turns out i have a dodgy trigger on my wii gun. Only realised it when i was playing single player and was having the same problem. Problem solved.