Super Mario Galaxy VS. Super Mario Galaxy 2


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May 21, 2010
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Well, I don't get games often, because I don't get monies often :(
SOOOOooo, considering I have not played EITHER Super Mario Galaxy games, I would like to know which I should buy. Which is better? In categories such as :

-Free Roam (how much, is it fun and new? Is it like Super Mario Sunshine free roam? Super Mario 64 free roam? What? Consider both games)
-Graphics (Are they intriguing? Do they make your eyes go "mmm"?)
-General gameplay
-'Mario Modes' (I know for a fact you can be different marios. Like, Cloud mario, boo mario, Bee Mario, etc. I'm not sure if they are completely different, but IF SO, Which game has better characters??)
-Difficulty (EvilClown loves him some difficulty! Which game is harder? Are there puzzels? Or is it just one of those games with hard tasks to complete... EXPLAIN!)
-Length (Most of my games turned out to be short. I would complete them in like, a week maximum. Is it like... Super Paper Mario long? idk..)
-Overall (ok, so compare and contrast each game, and post them! :D For like, each category; post what you would say for each game. Then At the VERY END post which game, in your opinion, is the BEST!




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Jan 4, 2010
I have both but Im still working on finishing the first. Personally, I think you should start with the first one. You will understand the 2nd one better. Good luck with either


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Oct 29, 2009
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thats why I haven`t bought SMG2 yet I played the first one and got frustrated because it was hard but im willing to try again


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Jul 16, 2010
I would say Galaxy 2 because this game is supposed to be for Mario beginers and Mario super-experts!


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Aug 2, 2010
super mario galaxy:
free roam- alot more free roam than in galaxy 2, free roam is pretty fun
graphics-amazing graphics
general gameplay-pretty easy controls, fun game
mario modes-they are fun but number 2 has more power ups
difficulty-this one is much harder than number 2 even though it only has 120 stars
length-it will take a while to beat it
overall-great game, beautiful graphics, alot harder than number 2, but still its good

super mario galaxy 2:
free roam- not as much as galaxy 1 but free roam is better with yoshi and a power up
graphics-amazing graphics like the first a little bit better
general gameplay-a few more controls you need to know than number 1, really fun game
mario modes-same powerups and more
difficulty-it is easier to get stars but there are 240 stars
length-longer than number 1 due to the fact that there are 240 stars it will longer
overall-awesome game, breathe taking graphics, they brought back yoshi, so overall awesome game

when you compare the two it is a hard choice but number 2 is better from my point of view


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Jul 13, 2009
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I liked super mario galaxy 2 better. A lot easier to get to the stars you need to get. In 1 i kinda forgot where i need to get my stars. I like that you can switch in and out with luigi and mario in 2. Yoshi of course is awesome. The new levels, the new mushrooms, enemies also cool. The thing was i beat the game in like 2 days, well i got tired of the S levels, beat like all of them besides 2 galaxies. Might beat them later.


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Jan 29, 2011
most of you will disagree with me, but i easily prefer super mario galaxy, it involved incredible storyline and great music, the worlds were cool and that countdown on the floor (sorry spoiler) once u get enough stars kept me going for ages, the end feels so epic and astounding everytime i play that one level, especially cause i got a big tv XD
SMG 2 on the other hand had more creative levels, but the sotryline didnt make me as happy ( like rosalina's story )
SMG has a cool spaceship but im a nut for a good storyline, smg 2 was more about the levels to me, though i can say (SPOILER!!!! DO NOT READ IF U HAVE NOT FINISHED THE MAIN STORY OF SMG 2!!!) though i can say that i loved at the end when u 'defeat' bowser, then you run to get the star and he pops up and u have a aerial fight, thoguh sorry to say i prefer Super Mario Galaxy


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Feb 7, 2011
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I don't have the 2nd game but this one that I'm playing now can be pretty difficult. And yes there is 120 stars to collects. But, standing between you and those stars are the enemies (some familiar, others completely unique), the drastic changes in gravity in some levels (making the controls seem whacky), some puzzles require full concentration (how steady is your hand?) timed levels (some are a breeze, others not so much), fun racing courses and other activities, your skills will be challenged (one hit, your done for and other tests)' and of course the main villain of the game, Bowser

... And thats just in a nutshell.

See ya 'round

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