tails doll curse

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spyro king

Aug 21, 2009
Wii Online Code
This is a warning to any 1 who as sonic gems do not get 100% or if u have tails doll and super sonic do not play tag with tails doll and tag super sonic last
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I will tell u there's a game called sonic r and there's a curse in the game if u get 100% or tag super sonic last with tails doll in tag and then the tails doll will come out of the tv and kill u I have the game I am not geting 100%
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I will tell you the tails doll curse is when u get 100% in the game sonic r he can be sent back to hell by playing sonic r with 3 frineds 1 has to be super sonic 1 has 2 be sonic and the last has to be metal sonic and u must beat the tails doll in the game he must come on 4th
1) The Tails Doll will NOT "come out of the tv and kill u", It's just a videogame. Where are you getting your information?
2)I like Sonic R!
3) Please try to use better grammar in the future, it's really hard to understand what you are saying.

Hopefully a mod will shut this down soon...
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Let us belive what we want to belive I know its fake I like sonic r 2 the tails doll just creeps me out
I played sonic r at 7 years old on the pc, and the tails doll was my favorite character. There's nothing even remotely scary about him. And at age eleven, you should have much better grammar.

He does have a point Choa, but I'm against you in anyway.
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