The Conduit 'virtually unprotected' - hacker


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Feb 7, 2007
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High Voltage's The Conduit is apparently vulnerable to hackers. This is the diagnosis of hetoan2 -- a hacker himself.

According to him, he discovered that "Everything is virtually unprotected" when he dumped the game's data and used a remote debugging program to open it up. "All values can be edited fairly easily, and there's no virtual sign of an attempt at hiding values, fixing bugs, or preventing online hackers."

Both offline and online codes are completely identical as well, so there should be no difficulty at all in accessing both. "The only difference is in the online mode the game sends the variables in real-time to their server.

And what do you know, he's done his civic duty and released some patch codes, initially altering them as well so that they can corrupt the save files of anyone using them. And what's more, he is now working with High Voltage to catch those cheaters. Their MAC addresses will then be sent to Nintendo for banning.

Guess the old adage does ring true: it takes one to know one.

heres the link

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