The New Car!!

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Jul 13, 2009
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-****, last night was fun
-guitar hero + bacardi + pool table + stripper pole = hell of a good time
-i think I broke my toe..
-fookin graduating!!

-This weekend has been great.
-Next weekend will be even better
-argh, I have to get up early tomorrow for graduation practice
-don't see why we have to practice for three days, it's not that hard to remember how to walk on a stage and grab a piece of paper...:/
-my plans to start on my truck this weekend were ruined, but I guess I can do that next week
-need to pick up some 16 gauge sheet metal to fix my floor pans
-or is there some in the basement? I'll have to rummage around a bit

-graduation practice is over!
-still haven't gotten a chord from my automotive instructor. Just emailed him, I hope the ***** has it.
-**** **** ****, I forgot a birthday again
-I thought it was june 18, apparently it was today, damnit
-I don't want to go to the graduation tomorrow; we're having it in a cult church (or so it's rumored), the place freaks me out...

-Why would someone do this to this nice little goon?

Never thought I'd find myself laughing at The Office, but the one tonight is funny as hell. well, it started off funny...
"Ommm-my god-if-you're-wearing-a-dress-put-your-legs-together-cause-nobody-wants-to-see-that, ommmm..."
-I should probably sleep now
-might watch a movie though
-what haven't I seen in awhile?
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