The "Official" Fire Emblem Thread

I dont know what to think about the new direction for Fire Emblem but I think Awakening opened the series to the Otaku market leading to Fire Emblem [strike]Fan Service[/strike] Fates

That's one mystery solved. Or it would be if it were Persona 4 x FE, which it isn't.

I've been hearing some increasingly lewd things about Fates, which involve rubbing and noises.

Oh god, they're gonna censor the heck out of this if they're going for a T rating.
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And within a week, Fates has become the worst game ever. That is hilarious.

But no, someone really needs to figure out an easy way to explain how yuri/yaoi isn't what they think it is.
I really like Shadow Dragon's Online feature. I was skeptical at first about the class change but I changed my mind because it give a unique way to build your online teams.
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Still haven't finished Fire Emblem 12. Obviously still haven't played Awakening. Now Fates is on the way. I'm a horrible Fire Emblem fan. ;_;
From the FE Awakening: Yonkoma Kings book. Basically just a bunch of short-gag comedic mishaps of our favorite characters. Here's a few: (read them Left to Right, straight down)
First strip's title is: Tactician x2

Oh yeah now I remember it was the Sonic Series. And thats pretty much it. As for favorite character that would be King Tibarn of Phoenicis in Fire Emblem PoA/RD.