the wii GAME!!!

Jun 5, 2006
oops... forgot
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well this game goes like this: this game is only 4 those who wan'ts a wii!
the winner of this game is the guy that wants A nintendo wii the most!
well.. u will have to say why u wan't a wii the most and why that reacon is better than the one before u so have fun! i'l start! reasons can be like mine or like f.eks because i have wrote the most messages at this forum, because i have got all the gaming machines ever made of nintendo, i make things with sensor bars and love all the things with sensor bars, i have met miyamoto\iwata and they told me i was the biggest fan

i wan't a wii the most because i made this game! and thats because i'l win!
I want a Wii the most so then i dont have to waste $1000(Australian Dollar) on a PS3 or $800(Australian Dollar) on a XBox 360.
i want the wii because mario pwns and the new controller pwns aaannnddd its much cheaper than any other console. its a revolution. oh and i got every nintendo console.
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hate every other compainy because charge more and steal from nintendo
nintendo forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want a Wii cause its showing it can be even better than all the consoles before exist, even the price better
i want the Wii the most because im going into video game design and need to get all the new systems so i can play all the diffrent games and figure out what people want in a video game so when i get older i can make the most kick ass game ever!
For nintendo i hope?

I want a wii because i just do
(the ps3 is too expensive and the xbox 360 is a unupgradable pc)
and id LOVE to make games for nintendo in my future
I want the Wii the most for a few reasons:
1. Like Mitch2025, I am going into Game Design (for Nintendo, of course). His reason is my reason.
2. Nintendo gaming is my passion. Without it, I would probably be stuck in my room with a book because I couldn't find anything else more fun.
3. This one annoying guy in my grade started boasting that he could raise the money before I could, and started making fun of me because I always get stuff for Christmas (this hurt my pride, so instead of chasing after him and punching him in the nose, I accepted the challenge)
4. Twilight Princess has a wolf in it!
i want a Wii cause of mario strickers. zelda (cant wait) and cause of the new pokemon game comin out next year. battle revolution.