The WORST wii game ever


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Jul 24, 2009
hi all I've been wondering what the worst game ever is if anyone has any ideas post it plz
Hmm, there are so many bad ones.... I'd probably choose Anubis II. That's the worst one I've seen though.
Worst game ever is probably Target Terror, not only is it a slow paced rail shooter but it looks horrible and controls worse than it looks. I don't even see why they would burn that game to a disc. You can probably find it for about $5 now...but its not even worth that. I would wait till it arrives in 99 cent stores.
The worst that I have played would have to be The Simpsons Game, Classic British Racing, Emergency Mayhem, and Furu Furu Park.
metroid and halo
halo, the bettr the grafics the worse the gameplay
and metroid is retarted
shadow u live in a box
u probably only hate cod5 bcause u suck at it and even if its the best game 4 the wii
u probably play ssbb (family oriented crap)
wat??nu said COD it did lack sum features but it overall is a fungame. Uhhh worst game ive ever played on wii is wario land shake it. i dont kno but i personally didnt enjoy it
Too bad you limited it to Wii games. If you hadn't, I would have voted for Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em or Custer's Revenge.

Do a Google search if you aren't familiar with them. They were for the Atari 2600 and they're rather notorious.
Wow, there are people who actually did not like Metroid? Damn, that game is why I bought the system. As far as the worst of what I bought, played, own, the Star Trek game kinda sucks, I mean it's not horrid, just not great.
never liked metroid, tis for people who have never heard of fps genre or played a solid adventure game
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ok ill widen it to nintendo games then cause i have had anything but nintendo

and i also hate metroid games