Things to do when a forum is completely dead...


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Feb 1, 2009
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Siting there waiting for someone to do something... anything, on a dead forum? Are you bored out of your mind, but stay on wiichat cuz you have no life? Post here on what to do on a dead forum. Heres my list:

-Read a tomato
-Play basketball... In a mindfield
-Make pointless threads
-Talk to your toe
-Translate shakespear to english
-Pretend to not pretend
-Hold your breath
-Act like a rug
-Hug a tree
-Cut down a tree in your yard and count the rings
-Do the same with your grand parents
-Try african food
-Give africans food
-go to a drive-in movie... In a tank
-go a non-drive-in movie in a tank
-ask wii chat to come up with more ideas

List thanks to various websites, friends & family, my dog, and my imagination.
I know this is the 'White Noise' section, but come on, really?
-Power level your character on EUO (mine has a skilllist thats OVER 900!!?)
-Draw a mustache on the window and wait till somebody passes and it gets spot on
-Actually play the games you talk so much about
-Respond to this thread
watch avira antivirus scan and find nothing wrong with your pc
watch malwarebytes scan and find 10 infections on your pc
check on the reformat/update of the pc your g/f pulled out of the dumpster yesterday
pick your nose
grab something to eat
come back when that's done and see what else i can do
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-Read all the replies in this thread
-Wounder what the people on wiichat are doing
-Wounder what wiinus ment by all the blanks in his list
-Go to everyone whos posted, user profile
-View whos online
-Think about what your thinking about
-Remember what you forgot
-Guess if this thread will be successful
-Read all the replies in this thread

-Wounder what wiinus ment by all the blanks in his list

i was thinking of others
-bump a year and a half old thread(guilty)
-dress in sunday clothes even tho ur not going to church cause your spending all your time on these forums
-listen to 2pac
-expect darkprinny to reply to this,he's on every thread
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you could go to dprinny's website...
Then wonder what its about...
-play rayman raving rabbids
because i love destroying those countless, countless rabbids
-find out that people on a wii forum or less mature than ones one a 360 forum
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You could sigh cuz no ones on, and the forums.... deadish.
make new accounts and bmp threads with those
wonder why wiichat is not updated(de blog)