Too early for individual game forums?


Apr 30, 2006
Just wondering what the general feedback is on individual forums for the top 4 wii titles?

Is it too early to add seperate forums for mario galaxy, twilight princess, sbb and metroid prime 3?

Each week there's more and more info released surrounding these titles, but is it too early to have seperate forums for them, and will it risk killing off the general 'Wii Gaming' section?

Let me know what you're views are. :sick:
Actually, I think it's a wonderful idea! However, I think it would be best if you made them sub-forums in the Wii Gaming section. That way it's all in one forum and there's still plenty to talk about with other games!


Wii Gaming

Super Mario Galaxy

Twilight Princess

Metroid Prime 3

These would be at the top inside the forum. Then there would be a seperate section below where all the other threads under gaming would go.

I'm a member of about 20 forums from car forums to home theater to gaming etc. I find forums with TONS of sub forums to be a big turn off. The forum I post on the most is not tiny, much larger than this one, but gets by with only about a half dozen total sub forums. A general "catch all", one for audio, one for video, one for music, one for movies, a for sale area and an off topic area. Its always easy to find what you're looking for and it works. I could see if the forum was MASSIVE it would be a problem but it has several thousand members. Then I see forums with 100 members and there are 100 sub forums. Seems very pointless.
maybe we could implement them as sticky threads inside the main game forum, for major upcoming releases have one 'official' stuck thread until the conversation on a game dies off a month or two after its released
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I dont plan on adding subforums for everything wii release, just the 4 or so MAJOR titles that people come here to read up on.

I like the idea of sticky threads and i think its something we could use as other 'minor' titles get more press attention.
I think it is a good idea.

3 at the max(Zelda, Mario and Metroid?)

Those are the games people talk about mostly and you dont have 100s of threads about the same game.
A few sub-forums for the major releases should be all right (e.g. Zelda, Metroid), cos there's going to be a lot of posts about them when they come out. Too many will just clutter up the forum.
I think it's a little early for the games that'll be released in '07 and onwards. But for release games like Super Mario Galaxy, I believe it's appropriate to set up forums for these games which will be released first.